Sacrifice.. I have spoke about this in other blog posts. Cruisers need to make huge sacrifices to pursue this lifestyle. Sometime those sacrifices make you ask “Is it worth it?”.


Today is one of those days for our family. Today we made an enormous sacrifice. Today we gave up the spark and voice of our household. The doorbell and visitor greeter. My best friend and the one that loved us truly unconditionally.


Today we gave up our youngest dog Radar. He is off to a new home with a foster organization and we were required to agree that we will not be given any more information beyond today. We will never know where he is placed or how his life is. He is simply removed from our lives from this day forth.


The worst part.. We will need to do this again on Sunday when we give up our oldest dog Keisha. She has been a part of Rhonda and I’s life for 15 years and is considered our first child. We will not get to be there for her last months, weeks, hours. Will she pass from this world wondering why we left?


Living ones dream comes with a cost. Sometimes you question weather you are strong enough to pay that price.

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