The Wife

I thought I would do a short post in response to some of the comments and questions I have received. Here are some examples.

  1. Where is your wife? Is she part of this?
  2. Does/did your wife share your dream?
  3. How come you say “My” or “I” and not “Ours” or “We”.

These are great questions and looking back over my posts, I can see why they are being asked.


First, is my wife part of this? Yes, very much so. As you can imagine, the logistics of undertaking something like this are Herculean. Without her, this adventure would not be happening. She is the rock behind the scenes taking care of many tasks. e.g. Renting out our house, putting together a home school curriculum, selling/donating or giving stuff away, keeping my sane, ect.

Does/did your wife share your dream? No, not originally, but that changed over time. As we got closer to this happening she embraced it more and more. The ocean has a way of captivating your soul, and I believe Rhonda was completely captivated during our trip from Cuba to Mexico. Although many challenges still lie ahead, she insists this is what she wants to do!

How come you say “My” or “I” and not “Ours” or “We”? Anyone who really knows me, will already know the answer to this question. You see, I sometimes have a small problem with obsession. When something needs doing, I have been known to be completely consumed by that task. I have spent almost 2 years buying, moving and outfitting the boat. I have sweated, swore, cried and bled with her. For most of that physical work, it has been just me. So I view her as mine.. Mine to fix, modify and enhance… Mine to make as a safe and comfortable home for our family. Once that is done, and the family has moved aboard, then we will make her OURS together.


My favourite image of Rhonda and I.
My favourite image of Rhonda and I.

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