Month: December 2015

The Wife

I thought I would do a short post in response to some of the comments and questions I have received. Here are some examples. Where is your wife? Is she part of this? Does/did your wife share your dream? How come you say “My” or “I” and not “Ours” or “We”. These are great questions and looking back over my… Read more →

Finding Her!

Now that I had a plan, the determination and finances to actually do it, I needed a boat.  Here is where our first problem starts! $165,000USD (rookie mistake, budget too low) for a blue water cruising catamaran that is ready to go is very difficult. As such, I watched the market like a hawk and did daily searches on Yatchworld… Read more →

Financing It

Here is the second most common question(s) I am asked: “How will you work”? “How do you get money”? “How much does that cost”? “You must be rich”? “Did you win the lottery”?   There are a couple other variations of these questions, but they are all looking for the same answer. People want to know how it’s financially possible… Read more →