We’re not Dead!

Its a long winded post but stick to the end for a reveal of our new adventure. (cheaters can scroll to the end! No I won’t give you a cheater link).   I promise, the rumors aren’t true. We didn’t freeze to death up here in Canada (although it was close in those first days). The fact is, we just… Read more →

A Time of Change

  I’m willing to bet that this post will come as a major shock to some of our readers. For those of you that don’t already know, Party of Five has been listed for sale. http://www.svpartyoffive.com/the-boat/   From day 1 we always knew this adventure would eventually end. In the hundreds of cruising blogs I have read, I was always… Read more →

Christmas 2019

Alright time for some pictures of our Christmas 2019. It was an absolutely great Christmas full of fun, friends and food. Kathy on Sandstar named it “The Merriment of Meat” since it involved 2 roasts with all kinds of different meat. There was Turkey, Lamb, Pork and sausages. DISCLAIMER – I took none of these pictures. All these photos are… Read more →

A Jerk in the Night!

While we had a fantastic trip down to Grenada, it was not without an “incident”. Any cruiser will tell you that when stuff goes wrong, it usually goes wrong in the middle of the night when you least expect it. This was no exception on our trip. We probably jinxed ourselves by talking about how smooth things were going. We… Read more →