The ocean RV!

  I figure its time to write this post. I have debated, struggled and wrestled with this one. You see, I want to write this in a way that its targeted for people like me before we started this (idiots that jumped blindly with both feet), but not have the old timey sailors call me a “Nancy Girl”! I’ve now… Read more →

One Year and the Winds of Change!

Party of Five – Our Sailing Adventure   Its absolutely true.. Party of Five is approaching our 1 year anniversary of moving aboard. On March 23 we will officially cross that mark. Things have come and gone, we have learned to sail (better), miles have passed under the keel, we have met fantastic people, our family has become closer. Looking… Read more →

St. Martin/Sint Marteen

  French side. Dutch side. Lagoon. Marigot. Crossing borders on the dinghy…. What the hell are you talking about.   I hear ya…. We have travelled some pretty cool places and I have resisted posting history or in depth information about those islands as it seemed like I would just repeat Wikipedia. However.. St. Martin is a little different, it… Read more →