As my late great mate used to pronounce it “Bare”-“Booda”.. Miss ya Bobby! Alright, for those hoping for IRMA destruction pictures.. Sorry for the disappointment. I know I promised it, but as I was going through the pictures I realized I needed to show the beauty of Barbuda before showing those. I’m sorry, but you are free to skip this… Read more →

An Amazing Boat!

  As you can imagine running around Caribbean on a sailboat carries certain “perks”. One of those “perks” is getting to see many of the worlds “Superyachts” up close and personal! We have seen pretty much all the worlds top ones (both in size and cost). Its not an exaggeration to say that most of those boats are really just… Read more →

The Bat Cave!

WE FOUND IT, Helen! There is a  waterfall in Martinique that we have tried to find 3 different times and always failed. We were never really that chuffed at not finding it since we still had a great hike through the rain forest. However, if you know me, you will know that I don’t like not accomplishing something. So with… Read more →