Long Overdue Update

  This post is LONG LONG overdue… Unfortunately, I don’t even have a valid excuse as to why I have been so lazy with our blog posts this season. I can only apologize and say that I plan to get back to writing more frequently.   In our last blog post (the 2 year anniversary post) I described how we… Read more →

Year Two! (OVER 140 pictures)

  Its official again.. We just passed our two year boataversary.   As I look back I realize our second year has been WAY different than our first year. Our first year we were like scared teenagers moving out on our own for the first time. We stressed out at every new anchorage and were trying to fix shit faster… Read more →

Drugs.. $*&# YA drugs!

  FAT MAN DOWN, I REPEAT,  WE HAVE A FAT MAN DOWN! Ok ok, maybe no one actually said that, but it was definitely the montage playing in my head as I lay dazed and confused in our cockpit. I stared up at the nice purple solar powered purple lights I recently installed and wondered “What in the hell just… Read more →

Victron–Monitors (Technical)

  A month before heading back to Canada for last hurricane season we suffered a failure of one of our Chinese MPPT solar controllers. Then shortly after that I started noticing one of the other controllers was not holding the optimal voltage for the solar panels (essentially rendering the MPPT function useless). I suspect both of these issues were tied… Read more →